Topps Premier League Gold 2017-18 - Hobby Collection Pack

Topps Premier League Gold 2017-18 - Hobby Collection Pack

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Premier League Gold 2017/2018 – Hobby Collection

With a pristine finish and elite design, Topps are proud to announce the release of their new hobby card series, Topps Premier League Gold 2017/18.

The stunning new collection captures all the excitement of the English Premier League and features exclusive memorabilia from some of the league’s biggest stars, including Tottenham’s Dele Alli and Chelsea captain Gary Cahill.

The 150-card base checklist will feature all the biggest names from the 2017/18 English Premier League season.

Star performers including Philippe Coutinho, Eden Hazard, Paul Pogba and Harry Kane can all be found within Topps Premier Gold’s all-star line-up featured in stunning new card designs.

Look out for green, red and yellow base parallel cards, inside packets this season.

  • Green Base Parallel Cards:
    1:4 packs
  • Red Base Parallel Cards:
    1:8 packs
  • Yellow Base Parallel Cards:
    1:12 packs

Look out for foil insert cards featuring the league’s best-known stars.

These highly collectable sets include gold blocking on every card for a super-premium look and finish.

20 TERRACE HERO INSERT CARDS: Featuring 1 player per team that the fans love to cheer on from the stands. 1:4 packs

20 TEAM LEADER INSERT CARDS: Featuring all 20 club captains from every English Premier League team. 1:4 packs

10 PREMIER ELITE INSERT CARDS: Featuring the top 10 marquee superstars of the 2017/18 season. 1:8 packs

Parallel variations for these Special Insert cards will include:

  • Green Parallel: sequentially numbered to 99
  • Red Parallel: sequentially numbered o 25
  • Yellow Parallel: sequentially numbered 1/1

Each box of Topps Premier League Gold 2017/18 will include 2 genuine player autograph cards from some of the biggest names in the league including Tottenham superstar Dele Alli, Chelsea captain Gary Cahill, Manchester United Legend Michael Carrick, West Ham and England No. 1 Joe Hart and many more.

Parallel variations for these Player Autograph cards will include:

  • GREEN PLAYER AUTOGRAPH PARALLEL CARDS sequentially numbered to 50
  • RED PLAYER AUTOGRAPH PARALLEL CARDS sequentially numbered to 25
  • YELLOW PLAYER AUTOGRAPH PARALLEL CARDS sequentially numbered to 1

– 5 cards per pack

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