2018 NRL Glory Edition Rugby League Trading Cards

2018 NRL GLORY EDITION is an updated and extended version of the 2008 Centenary of Rugby League trading cards series. TLA, in conjunction with JHL Marketing, has released this limited edition, high quality NRL trading card collection. 

This collection commemorates the greats of more than 100 years of NRL history.  The NRL GLORY CARD SERIES, along with 2008 SELECT CENTENARY OF RUGBY LEAGUE trading cards is arguably the most collectable NRL trading card collection to date. 

  • 420 cases released (total 5,040 boxes)
  • 36 packs per box, 8 cards per pack.
  • RRP: $7.00 per pack
  • Factory Case: 12 Boxes + 2 Oversize Case Cards
  • Buy your Box HERE!

BASE SET ( 188 cards)
188 cards in the base set includes selected 80 Retirees (2008-2017, 5 players per team), 80 current players (5 players per team), 25 Hall Of Fame Inauguration finalists and 3 checklists.


1. NRL Hall Of Fame Charter Class (107): 1: Pack
This subset includes 99 NRL Hall Of Fame players ( 100 greatest players in 2008 NRL Centenary) ( Note: 1 player declined to participate in the card collection) plus 6 NRL Hall Of Fame Induction Class ( from 25 nominees) inducted in 2018 plus 2 checklist cards.

2. NRL Hall Of Fame Charter Class Chrome (107): 1: 3 Packs
A holographic parallel NRL Hall Of Fame set. 566 NUMBERED cards each released. Highly collectable!

3. Pioneers Sketch Cards (38): 1: 12 packs
A sketch style cards set portraits NRL founders who played between 1908-1945. 400 cards each produced.

4. Future Famers (32): 1: 18 packs
A selection of 32 retired NRL champions who are destined to be inducted into NRL Hall Of Fame in the future. 2 cards per club.

5. Future Famers Signature Cards (12): 1: 36 packs
When it comes to popularity, the list of the 12 house known champions speaks itself. This Superstar jammed signature card series will surely attract NRL card collectors of all aspects. From FS1-FS12: Lockyer, Ryan, Kimmorley, Matt Geyer, Lyon, Buderus, Matt Bowen, Hindmarsh, Tony Puletua, Ben Creagh, Asotasi and Craig Wing. 420 EACH. Note: Matt Geyer replaced the Justin Hodges who is still appear in the final checklist. Checklist FS1-FS6 is incorrect. Signatures on the NRL GLORY flyer are artists impression.

6. Immortals Photo/Sketch cards (6 + 6): either one 1: 36 packs
From 2008 to 2018, there are additional 6 NRL Immortals have been nominated by NRL. This card subset follows the 2008 NRL Centenary Rugby League Trading Cards theme, brings this highly collectable NRL chase cards set to date. Although the card design is different, the subset numbering is continuing from IMP 7 to IMP13 and IMSK8 to IMSK13. 420 NUMBERED cards each released.

7. Hall Of Fame Inauguration Signature Cards (6): 1: 144 packs
This signature card series features the six new Hall Of Fame inductees of 2018: Mark Graham, Cliff Lyons, Ricky Stuart, Gordan Tallis, Steve Menzies and Petero Cinvoniceva. 210 NUMBERED cards each released.

8. Immortals Signature Redemptions (3): 1: 432 Packs
7 Immortals Signature Redemption cards had been released in the 2008 NRL Centenary Of Rugby League series. The NRL Glory has released 3 different Redemption cards featuring the Immortals announced between 2009 and 2018. The numbering is continuing. IMS8 and IMS13 are authentic signature cards of Andrew Johns and Mal Meninga, IMS9-IMS12 is one card featuring 4 immortals players on one card with facsimile signatures or Photo only. 140 numbered each redemption cards released.

9. CASE CARDS (12): 2 Cards per case
These 12 Case Cards are oversized version ( 4" x 6 ") of IMP8-IMP13 and IMSK8-IMSK13. 70 NUMBERED cards each release. Each factory case delivers 2 Case Cards. This subset continues the Oversize Immortals cards from Limited Edition 2008 NRL Centenary of Rugby League Master Set.
Note: One NRL Hall Of Fame player has declined to participate in the collection.

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